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Australia May 2012

After a pretty amazing time in Tokyo and a serious amount of relaxing by a pool in Singapore we headed down to Australia for the last 3 dates on our tour.

Arriving in Brisbane we checked in and set about finding a rehearsal space as we had a few days off to do some work. Australia was the only stop on this tour that we had visited before and so we very much wanted to try playing a few things we had been working on in the studio, especially for people that had come to our shows last time round. A big thanks to the guys at Red Star Music who were really helpful and let us stay late making noise and drinking beer.

Trying out half finished material at the first show in Brisbane was such a joy. It’s so exciting to hear studio creations on big venue sound systems for the first time and quite exhilarating not knowing exactly how we were going to play things on the night. We both came away with ideas of how to finish the work we’d started and will keep developing new work through the few shows we’re playing this summer.

All the shows were great but every now and again you have a show that gives you energy and motivation for the next 50 and Melbourne was just incredible. One that will stay in the memory for a long time. The atmosphere was pretty indescribable and walking off stage after our last song knowing that everything had come together perfectly was really special. Big thanks to Oscar and Martin who supported all of our Australian shows (and brought a lot of home support in Melbourne), Renee for being great and everyone that came down and made that night so great for us.

Tour now complete I decided to stick around in Sydney for a while as to spend some time with good friends before flying to WA to visit my close family out there. Many thanks and much love to Alex and Simone who were the best hosts and didn’t mind me breaking stuff in there lovely house. Meeting great friends you otherwise wouldn’t have is the best consequence of touring – Alex’s band played on our last Austalian tour, we had the best time and had a blast when they were over in the UK last year too – they’re called Seekae. Check them out –

A highlight was our trip to the Blue Mountains region, about an hour and a half out of Sydney. If you ever get the chance it’s really worth seeing something so amazingly unique to Australia.

Here is us struggling up a cliff face.

Dean is a great photographer, designer and human being. This is one of his many ventures

Australia was a beautiful place to end a very exciting run for us. And to get to fly out to see family at the end of working is a blessing. Thank you to everyone involved, we will see you again soon enough.