Some VERY special T-Shirts…

Hi everyone,

The video Tyrone Lebon created for our song ‘Before I Move Off’ far exceeded our hopes and really became a living, breathing piece that engaged with and expanded on the track.

It’s still but moving and constantly shifting as multiple viewings bring different images and meanings to the forefront.

Recently we have been using it on stage but slowed down to last for over an hour. Played this way each shot lingers and people have got to see the work in a completely new way. It starts at different points and different images run over different songs each night. In this way it’s continued to change form and in some ways is a completely different piece.

It’s intrinsically linked to a certain time, song and album for us and we have now made some of the images in to a few very limited (10 of each!) T-shirt designs which are now available online.

We hope you like them and also want to thank Tyrone for his great work.

Check the shirts out here:

Back to the studio..

Kai & Dom

1 comment
  1. Anonymous said:

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share a video that my brother and I made using your song “Vertical”. I am a huge fan of your music and often use it to create dance. Come to Calgary, Alberta!! ❤

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